Australian City Councillors Condemn Organ Harvesting Atrocities

At a Falun Gong rally last weekend in Parramatta, New South Wales, two city councillors spoke out against human rights abuses in China. Councillor James Shaw, who is running for state parliament, said that if elected he would gladly be a voice within his party for legislation to help bring an end to forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong prisoners of conscience.

Party Officials Receive Payback for Persecuting Innocent People

While many of those who persecute Falun Gong perceive their actions as merely "following orders" or “doing my job,” the universal law dictates that they, too, be held responsible for their actions. Articles such as this one are meant as a compassionate reminder that this traditional viewpoint of “what goes around comes around” supersedes the authority of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Power of Group Study

Under the oppressive campaign of persecution and endless propaganda, a number of practitioners in our area had stopped practicing Falun Gong over the years. We realized that we should reach out to these people and did so, encouraging them to come to group study sessions. In time, and with care and compassion, several have returned to the path of Falun Gong cultivation with renewed vigor and determination.

Woman Imprisoned and Tortured for Giving Out Informational DVDs

A 60-year-old Falun Gong practitioner suffered three years of relentless torture and abuse. Guards were trained to torture her in 26-day cycles to force her to renounce her faith.

Improving My Character in My Daily Life

A practitioner shares how practicing Falun Gong helped her become more patient and kind at home and at work.

Persevering in Helping a Fellow Practitioner Overcome Sickness Karma

Mr. Liu is diagnosed with late stage liver cancer after giving up Falun Gong due to the persecution, but with another practitioner's support, he resumes the practice and recovers in six months.

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