Strengthen Sending Righteous Thoughts

Fa-rectification is nearing its end, the situation in human society reflects the overall progress of the universe's Fa-rectification, and the evil beings have already been cleared away, with few remaining. However, even if only a small number of evil beings remain, they will still do their utmost to interfere with saving people... 

Minghui Summer Camp in the South of France

The annual Minghui summer camp for young practitioners in a small town in the Southwest of France provided 10 days of sharing, learning and fun. 

Australia: Melbourne Candlelight Vigil Calls for End to Persecution

In China, when you see that good people are tortured in labor camps and their organs harvested, you will know how evil the persecution is, and how clearly the contrast between good and evil are presented.

From Vancouver to Toronto, Practitioners Bring the Harmony of Falun Dafa to Nearby Communities

Practitioners across Canada bring the beauty of Falun Dafa to the public, participating in community events and hosting dedicated activities to draw attention to the ongoing persecution in China.

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