Sydney, Australia: “What a Blessing to Come Across Falun Gong Practitioners!”

Chinese tourists visiting the Sydney Opera House encounter much more than great architecture and music. They also gain the opportunity to learn about Falun Gong cultivation and the persecution in China, information that they have very limited access to at home. Many Falun Gong practitioners in Sydney volunteer their time to help Chinese visitors clear up the misconceptions perpetrated by the CCP.

Gothenburg, Sweden: Falun Gong Highlighted at Popular Arts Festival

Visitors to this hugely popular arts festival were attracted to the peaceful meditation and showed their support by signing a petition to end the brutal persecution in China.

Police Threaten 100 Families for Signing a Petition to Release Two Practitioners

677 people sign a petition for Ms. Liu Li and Ms.Wang Xixia, but authorities demand they withdraw their signatures.

“If I Die, It Will Have Been Due to Torture!”

The heartbreaking story of newlyweds torn apart and imprisoned for their belief.

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