Europe: Volunteers Help Chinese Tourists Quit the Communist Party

“You don't need to give me any pamphlets. Save it for other people. I will quit now,” said a Party Secretary. Many Chinese tourists in Europe now speak openly and without fear about the harm the Communist Party has done to China. When given the opportunity to withdraw their memberships in the Party, the majority of Chinese tourists, including more and more Party officials, decide to quit.

Shen Yun's Artistry and Spirituality Win Praise in Los Angeles

Shen Yun Performing Arts presented five sold-out performances at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre on January 22-25. Many well-known actors, producers, and entertainment leaders attended, and shared their thoughts about the performers, program, music, and traditional Chinese culture presented in the performances.

Higher Court Refuses to Overturn Unjust Sentencing of Falun Gong Practitioners

At the appeal hearing for two Sichuan men sentenced to four years in prison for distributing information about Falun Gong, the defense lawyer reiterated their constitutional rights to belief and speech. Defense testimony exposed police violence, fabrication of evidence and extortion. Nonetheless, the judge upheld the original sentence, following the communist regime's mandates instead of the law.

Practitioners in Xinjiang Sentenced to Prison After Two Trials Without Attorneys

Three practitioners secretly tried for their beliefs were deprived of legal representation. "It doesn't matter whether you come or not," the judge told an attorney.

True Wonders of Falun Dafa: Some of My Experiences

A practitioner recalls regaining her health and witnessing remarkable occurances involving her children.

The Transformation of a Harsh, Overbearing Woman

After battling a lifetime of difficulties and stress, a deaf woman learns Falun Dafa, lets go of resentment, and is restored to full health.

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