Australian Experience-Sharing Fa Conference Held in Canberra

To help each other improve, Falun Dafa practitioners hold several large-scale conferences all over the world every year. Sharing their ideas and experiences on how to cultivate well and do what needs to be done successfully, 24 practitioners read their papers at Monday's conference in Canberra. Veteran and new practitioners, young and old, benefited from listening to one another.

Lessons Learned from Calling China to Help People Quit Communist Organizations

A practitioner in the UK matures in cultivation in the process of learning how to persuade people in China to quit the CCP over the phone.

An Unexpected Conversation with a Lady in Shanghai

"A stranger handed me his cell phone, and I found myself talking to a lady in Shanghai. It was a totally unexpected opportunity for me to help her quit the CCP."

Heilongjiang Woman in Solitary Confinement for the Second Time in Three Months

Unlike regular inmates in Heilongjiang Women's Prison, Falun Gong practitioners are handcuffed and tied to a bed when they are put in "solitary."

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