Frankfurt, Germany: Falun Dafa Group Inspires and Informs at the Parade of Cultures

Falun Dafa practitioners joined the “Parade der Kulturen” (Parade of Cultures) in Frankfurt, Germany last weekend. In addition to a colorful float and lively performances by the Divine Land Marching Band, the Falun Dafa contingent featured a section that informed the public about the persecution in China. Spectators showed appreciation and support.

Switzerland: Thirty-Six Lawmakers Urge UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to Help Bring Former Chinese Dictator to Justice

In a unified show of support, 36 Swiss officials signed a letter urging the UN High Commissioners for Human Rights to pressure China to move forward with an investigation of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin for his role in the brutal 17-year persecution of Falun Gong.

Paris, France: “Falun Gong Is Not Just China's Treasure, It's the World's Treasure”

While learning of Falun Gong's teachings at a poster display at the Eiffel Tower, a young man said, “It's not just China's treasure, it's the world's treasure.” Another passerby who was outraged by persecution of the peaceful practice and the organ harvesting atrocities said to the practitioners there, “You must let everyone know that the Chinese Communist regime is committing a crime against humanity.”

Ottawa, Canada: Chinese Communist Party Drives Forced Organ Harvesting in China, Say Independent Investigators

At a recent press conference, experts discuss their updated report on forced organ harvesting in China, findings which led to a much higher estimate of victims of a state-run, systematic operation targeting Falun Gong.

Ms. Liu Shufan Arrested, Leaving Bedridden Husband Without Care

Ms. Liu's arrest comes six months after the police arrested her brother for filing a lawsuit against the former Chinese dictator for launching the persecution of Falun Gong.

Given a Few Months to Live, Uremia Patient Recovers Through Practicing Falun Gong

Having almost lost my life, I realized how important Falun Gong is to my life and the chance to practice it is so precious.”

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