Shen Yun Leaves Canadian Audiences Awed and Inspired

Shen Yun continues its North American tour with six performances in Toronto, inspiring Canadian audiences with masterfully designed productions created through a seamless blending of music, art, and dance. Much more profound than simple entertainment, the shows bring traditional culture and values to life. As one audience member commented, “The principles that are presented in the various dances are the highest principles of human nature, of human culture and civilization.”

Europe: Volunteers Help Chinese Tourists Quit the Communist Party

“You don't need to give me any pamphlets. Save it for other people. I will quit now,” said a Party Secretary. Many Chinese tourists in Europe now speak openly and without fear about the harm the Communist Party has done to China. When given the opportunity to withdraw their memberships in the Party, the majority of Chinese tourists, including more and more Party officials, decide to quit.

Shen Yun's Artistry and Spirituality Win Praise in Los Angeles

Shen Yun Performing Arts presented five sold-out performances at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre on January 22-25. Many well-known actors, producers, and entertainment leaders attended, and shared their thoughts about the performers, program, music, and traditional Chinese culture presented in the performances.

Husband and Wife Repeatedly Imprisoned, Their Young Son Traumatized

A family of three's life is turned upside down and torn apart as they are victimized by the persecution.

Indelible Lessons: Children As Mirrors of Their Parents' Cultivation (Part 1)

Exploring how parents' examples influence whether their children continue to practice Falun Gong into adulthood.

A Bakery Owner's Change of Heart

A woman who is initially hostile towards Dafa changes her mind after experiencing a practitioner's honesty and kindness firsthand.

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